4 Ways To Stock Your Freezer For Postpartum

If this is your first pregnancy, it's really hard to describe what postpartum is like.  It's some sort of beautiful chaos.  While many first time moms are most often focused on pregnancy and the birth, please do not underestimate preparing for postpartum...nutritious food being the main thing.  

If this is NOT your first pregnancy, you are well aware of how important it is to have nutrient dense snacks and meals on hand.

Below are four ways to stock your freezer with nutrient dense meals that will aid in healing your mind, body and soul and allow you and your family to spend more time resting and bonding with your baby.

Well this one is easiest.  Go to our website, www.mama-meals.com, add to cart, hit checkout, and wait for your meals to arrive frozen.  Freezer is stalked.  To subsidize cost, add gift cards to your third party registry like Baby List, or have a friend start a meal train and collect donations to combine and place an order.

This one will require the most work on your end, but if you love to cook, it's a fun nesting project!  You will want to gather a bunch of recipes, containers to store your prepped meals, and get cooking!  Be sure to stick to soups, stews, porridges...things that are warm, soft and easy to digest.

If you'd like to keep things simple, check out our Postpartum Freezer Prep PDF. It has over 20 recipes, along with tips for freezing/defrosting, and recommendations on containers and ways to store your prepped food.

I really like this one...it gets your village involved and takes a bit of the burden off of you.  Plus, with each meal, it will remind you of the person who made it for you which feels really nice.  Either collect your own recipes, or use the recipes from our PDF above.  Print them all out and delegate them to different friends and family to cook and freeze into small portions.  This will help stock your freezer so quickly without having to do much of the leg work.

Last but not least, you could have a meal prep party.  I've hosted one of these for a friend and it was SO fun.  Everyone attending venmo-ed me money for the groceries and I shopped for everything.  On the day of, each person worked on 1-2 recipes that we cooked and portioned out for the mama to be to take home and put in her freezer.  She said every meal she ate reminded her of the day we all came together to cook for her and left her feeling all warm and fuzzy.

Hope you enjoyed these tips to stock your freezer for when the baby comes!  Which one will you be doing? Just one, or maybe a combination of a few?

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