Postpartum Starter Package

Postpartum Starter Package

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  • Designed specifically to nourish postpartum Moms
  • Organic, gluten-free, clean ingredients only
  • No cooking, just defrost, heat and enjoy

Our Starter Package includes one of every meal on the menu (plus an extra Lentil Stew) and is the perfect amount of food to have on hand for the first couple days postpartum. You get approx 6 breakfasts and 14 lunch/dinners.  Each meal is packed with organic and pasture-raised ingredients, cooked low-and-slow, frozen, and ready to heat and enjoy for only ~$13.75/serving!

Breakdown (32oz containers):
(1) Shatavari Rice Pudding
(1) Very Berry Oatmeal Congee + Collagen
(1) Creamy Chicken + Rice Congee
(1) Hearty Sausage Stew
(1) Ayurvedic Kitchari
(1) Primal Chili
(2)Traditional Lentil Stew

Check out our FAQ article if you're wondering how long the package will last.  If you're looking for something to last a bit longer check out the Essentials or Hungry Mama Package.

Customer Love...

I wish I knew about Mama Meals before I had my first baby!  Postpartum is so hard as it is, and cooking is even harder. The oatmeals saved me in the morning and those lactation cookies are seriously delicious. I’m 9 months postpartum now and I still order meals! They are so hearty and quick to heat. I recommend this to every mom, especially right after having a baby.

Orange County, CA

These meals were a lifesaver during postpartum. I actually ate a few of them the final weeks of pregnancy since I was too exhausted to cook. My kids loved them too!  All the food is so healing, and cooked with such intention and love. It’s obvious Holly is passionate about what she does. I can’t recommend her service enough and so grateful to have found her!

Orange County, CA 

Mama Meals was a lifesaver for me postpartum, especially when my husband went back to work. They were easy to warm up and super filling, plus the lactation cookies were a delicious treat to have throughout the day. It took so much anxiety away knowing I had high quality nutrient dense meals for myself ready to go so I could relax and heal with my babe. Cannot recommend them enough!

Orange County, CA

If you’re like me and looking for healthy, nutrient dense postpartum meals (that are also delicious) you have to try Mama Meals. Holly goes above and beyond with quality, which I highly appreciate. Every ingredient has a purpose. And she uses the proper fats and cooking techniques to make the most nutritious, easily digestible foods for mamas.

Orange County, CA 

I reached out to Holly when my milk supply started to crash early postpartum. She gave me a list of things to help and whipped me up some amazingly tasty oatmeal and lactation cookies that were better than anything I had tried! Everything she made helped, and the lactation cookies were so good my husband couldn't stop eating them.

Orange County, CA

It took me until my third birth to realize the power of having healthy, nutrient-dense FOOD is the first line of healing for a new mom.  Mama Meals was 100% the difference between my last postpartum journeys and the success I’ve had this time around. The meals are crafted with love, packed with great quality ingredients, absolutely delicious AND set me up for great success with having my milk come in!

Orange County, CA 

Postpartum is hard, and trying to eat a healthy balanced diet is harder when you’re sleep deprived and getting to know your new baby. Mama Meals took all of the hard work off our plate (pun intended). It made preparing nourishing and delicious meals something we didn’t have to worry about, which was such a relief for me and my husband. He was able to be more present with us during such a special but exhausting time.

Orange County, CA

I had my baby 1.5 weeks ago and these meals have been an absolute GODSEND.  It’s all so delicious, nutritious, comforting, and best of all easy to make.  This has been my easiest recovery and I think a lot has to do with the lack of stress to feed myself.  Also, my baby has reacted well to everything!  Thank you Holly!!  I will order again!

Orange County, CA

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Customer Reviews

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Abby Temple
Food is good packaging needs work

Food so far is tasty. The packaging needs a little work. I have to defrost the food to get a serving and then I have to basically consume all of that prep because I’m not going to refreeze the food.

Amanda Young

I cannot believe how good the meals taste. I am used to get food haha

Margaret Dembinski

So happy I got this package of really delicious meals, I am so excited to have all of them and it is very comforting to know they are there for us at this transitional time!

Emily Marr

From it being a small local biz, to the care they take in their ingredients and packaging, to the customer service, to the taste of the meal... everything is just amazing. I will it was a little less expensive, but you also pay for what you get- and thats amazing quality!

The easiest, healthiest meals for postpartum recovery

I wish I'd known about these meals earlier because I would have had them ready for my first weeks of postpartum. They are quick and easy to prepare but also healthy (what your body needs after having a baby). Two meal qualities that are essential postpartum especially if you don't have anyone who can cook for you!