The Five Principles of Postpartum

Don't take these five traditional postpartum principles lightly... read them, save them, take them to heart and create a plan!

RETREAT - both mom and baby are equally vulnerable. They are susceptible to wind and cold. While in today's modern world it is viewed as a badge of honor to make it yoga after two weeks... it is truly those who practice stillness that win!

WARMTH - A woman's blood volume doubles during pregnancy. After birth, the loss of this excess warm, circulating blood...combined with the open state..we MUST recapture heat to optimize healing. Cultures all over the world value warmth, especially in warming foods (hi!)

SUPPORT - The warm foods, naps, rest, caring for older do we achieve this? We need a support system. I know it can be uncomfortable to ask in this modern, do it alone society. You need to put that aside. Family members, friends, members of your church, doulas, midwives, neighbors... ASK. FOR. HELP. Most people would be honored to help if you would just ask!

REST - Pregnancy and birth are extremely taxing. We need to conserve energy to rebuild chi (our life force). If birth is not met with enough rest and quiet, it WILL leave a deficit that will catch up with you down the line. Shift the perspective and remember you are enough, and you are doing enough. Taking care of your baby is enough. That mindset alone will allow you to feel permission to rest in our do, do, do, world.

RITUAL - Traditionally, postpartum has rituals that recognize and honor the woman becoming a mother, whether it's her first or fourth time. There was massage, belly binding, herbs. Today, everyone just wants to hold the baby instead. Bring some ritual back in...have friends or family give you a foot massage, brush your hair. Book an in home postnatal massage, schedule a belly binding.

Source: @thefirstfortydays

You are just as deserving and needing of the attention and care. Create a plan using the themes above and you will be thanking yourself later. Also, Hello Postpartum has an awesome article with suggestions of items you may need on hand for every birth scenario.  Give it a read and see what speaks to you <3

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