Postpartum Wellness: Restoring Balance with Chiropractic by Dr. Jon Torrijos

This post was contributed by Dr. Jon Torrijos of Abundant Life Chiropractic in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Find them at or on Instagram @abundantliferc!

Pregnancy is tough work on a mom’s body! So many changes happen in such a short amount of time, so mom’s body is always working hard to adapt. Then comes the big event that mom has been growing, changing, and preparing for: birth. It’s no wonder it takes moms anywhere from a couple of weeks to many months before feeling mostly recovered after having a baby. One way to not only shorten that process but also come back better after pregnancy and birth is post-partum chiropractic care!

Two major things happen during postpartum to mom’s body: 

  1. She’s recovering from the hard work of pregnancy and birth
  2. Meanwhile she’s also learning how to adapt to the challenges of caring for a little one

Thankfully, chiropractic helps with both. 

Chiropractic for postpartum moms helps to restore balance to their hips, which have been expanding for 9 months and are now returning back to their pre-pregnancy state. Hormone changes that allow for hips to open up and accommodate a growing baby start fading away over the months after mom gives birth. During the recovery process, chiropractic adjustments ensure that her hips come back stronger and more stable than ever so she can be active and energetic with her new little one.

The duties of motherhood also come with their own challenges however, between the nighttime wake-ups, breastfeeding posture and constantly carrying baby. The most common struggle new moms have is the tension that comes from their shoulders being rounded forward to feed and hold their little one throughout the day. This type of posture then causes neck and midback pain, along with a slouching habit that if unchecked can extend even beyond the post-partum period. Regular chiropractic adjustments help equip mom during this time to allow for relief and balance, while also preparing her to stay healthy well past baby’s 1st birthday. 

Thank you again to Dr. Torrijos and Abundant Life Chiropractic for contributing this content! Check them out at or on Instagram @abundantliferc!

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