Grassfed Butter For Pregnancy + Postpartum

At mama meals we love grass-fed butter. It’s a powerful addition for both your pregnancy and breastfeeding diet.

Cows fed a natural diet of grass produce milk (and butter) much higher in Omega 3 fatty acids which fight inflammation, build hormones, and play a vital role in fetal development. (1)

It’s also a rich source of butyrate which has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity, reduce cholesterol and blood sugar, and greatly increase fat burning and mitochondrial activity (the powerhouse of every cell in your body) activity. (2)  Plus, low levels of butyrate may contribute to an increased risk of preeclampsia in pregnant women. (3)

Grass-fed butter is also high in Vitamin A, D, K, Iodine, Selenium, and beta-carotene, which your body uses to produce vitamin A, a key factor in supporting vision, bone health, and your immune system. (4)  

While large doses of synthetic Vitamin A can potentially cause issues, the version found in whole food will support a healthy thyroid function, (which is sometimes depleted during pregnancy, leading to metabolism challenges), as well as the development of your baby’s vision, heart, and blood vessels. 

Dairy-sensitive folks can often eat butter (which is basically milk fat) without issue because it’s the sugar (lactose) and the proteins (caseins and whey) that cause reactions. If you’re super sensitive and nervous about trying butter, consider grass-fed ghee (clarified butter). 

You can find grass-fed or pasture-raised butter in most stores, and it’s all we use in our nourishing foods.

What’s your favorite use for grass fed butter?  Comment below!

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