Gentle Guidelines for Postpartum Healing

As many of you know, we love the book The First Forty Days for all things postpartum.  It really transforms the perspective on postpartum healing. We really love the gentle guidelines offered as they serve as a framework for navigating the first forty days to optimize recovery. 

1) THINK SOFT: digestion is slower and weaker, so start with lighter foods that are soft, soupy, warm, moist, creamy, oily, and fairly mild

2) NIX THE COLD: cold foods, icy drinks, and foods with cooling properties should be avoided as they overwork the stomach and spleen. Raw and crunchy foods disrupt digestion and cause airy, anxious mental states

3) LOVE YOUR FATS: a diet with fats will boost metabolism, help balance hormones, support mood, help brain function, and keep digestion moving. Animal fats, quality eggs, and oily fish enrich breast milk that helps the baby’s brain grow. Grass-fed and pasture-raised meat and butter, oily cold-water fish, and raw plant fats like coconut, olive, walnut, sesame, and avocado are critical to thrive. 

4) OBSERVE HOW FOOD MIGHT AFFECT YOUR BABY: Don’t obsess but be observant of cries and a taut belly. Baby’s cry while adjusting to life outside of the womb, so relax, observe, and adapt as you go. 

5) DRINK UP: it is vital to stay hydrated to replenish liquids lost in birth and create breast milk. Room temperature water should be kept bedside and by the nursing chair. Hot drinks are essential bc it’s free heat, nurturing, and soothes the gut. 8 glasses with 8 ounces of water is a suitable daily target. Bone broth is brilliant for hydration and lubrication of intestines!

6) LET YOUR VILLAGE COOK: It takes a village. Delegate tasks according to skillsets and strengths. All you have to do is ask!  Also be sure to order some postpartum meals from us... or register for gift cards through Babylist!

You can set yourself up for success by utilizing these guidelines. Remember to be gentle with yourself and know that it takes a healthy mother to have a healthy baby. Happy Healing!

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