Chiropractic Care for Optimal Baby Positioning

This post was contributed by Dr. Jon Torrijos of Abundant Life Chiropractic in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Find them at or on Instagram @abundantliferc!

Optimal baby positioning during pregnancy is one thing that many moms worry about. And while it may not seem like something mom has much say in, there are ways she can prepare for the best outcomes. 

In an ideal world moms would be ready for a healthy birth even before getting pregnant, but most moms don’t go into pregnancy with 100% health. They tend to carry over whatever injuries, posture habits, stress and tension they already had before getting pregnant. This means that as baby starts to grow and put more demand on mom’s body, those stressors that were previously there tend to start magnifying. One of these issues that intensifies and can affect baby positioning is spine and pelvic imbalances, which can then cause muscle tension around mom’s hips. 

Prenatal chiropractic helps set the stage for a healthy environment that baby will naturally want to settle into. By keeping mom’s hips balanced throughout pregnancy, adjustments ensure that any misalignments that could have started even from before pregnancy are minimized. Prenatal chiropractors also work on the muscle tension around mom’s hips that could otherwise result in stiffness for mom and a harder time getting into position for baby. 

This also allows mom to be more mobile and adaptable for when baby is ready to move around mom’s belly and into the proper position for birth. Once the stage is set, baby’s instinctual response is to settle into that head-down position that moms hope for, primed for the most ideal birth for both mom and baby.


Thank you again to Dr. Torrijos and Abundant Life Chiropractic for contributing this content! Check them out at or on Instagram @abundantliferc!

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