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What is a Blessingway Ceremony?

Birth is celebrated in many ways throughout the cultures of the world. 

The Navajo people, who understand the key to strength in Birth lies in an ability to be vulnerable, open, and surrender wholly to the experience, honor their mothers-to-be through a Blessingway ceremony.  It is considered a sacred experience designed to celebrate a woman’s rite of passage into motherhood.

The Mom-to-be is surrounded by her closest friends who shower her in love, acknowledge her strength, and build up her confidence for Birth.  The purpose is to prepare her mind, body, and soul for her most empowering journey.  While gifts can be given, it is not the purpose of the ceremony.

American women have begun to adopt this piece of the Navajo culture. Instead of sitting in a circle to watch a grand display of consumerism, women take turns sharing empowering Birth stories, speak of their history with the guest of honor, and shower her with love, adoration, and a sense of community.

Activities on the agenda are things like coloring Birth affirmation cards, herbal footbaths, and creating a Birth vision board.  There’s a bead or candle ceremony followed by a blessing, all designed to empower and inspire confidence.

By the end, mama feels powerful, loved, and supported, and her fears and doubts are replaced with a strong belief in her feminine energy.

A true cultural shift is underway as women awaken to their strength and purpose.

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