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We had two very different postpartum experiences.

For our first baby we had a couple postpartum freezer meals prepped which was not enough. I cooked and cleaned a ton, plus diapers, visitors, work creeping in, and trying to bond with my new family, etc, etc.  It was a lot.  We ended up eating out more than we wanted.

A few people were super kind and brought us food.  It wasn't the quality we were used to, but we were just grateful for the support.  

Holly dealt with postpartum constipation and just felt blah all the time. I can’t imagine the frustration of carrying a baby around for 9 months, shooting him out unmedicated, then being constipated for 10 days!  And then the fear that came along with it… 

Our second time around we did things differently.  Holly researched Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, and Weston A. Price philosophies. She found the best foods to eat postpartum and we stocked our freezer with 60 pre-cooked meals. When baby came all I had to do was thaw and heat up the food!  I used disposable plates and plasticware (which Holly was not happy about lol), and I spent waaay more time bonding, supporting our toddler, and wrapping my head around what a tongue tie is and what we could do.

Holly’s mood was different too.  She was strong and composed even through massive turmoil at my work.  

When I look back at the extra time we spent as a family, Holly's speedy recovery, and no constipation, it makes the food we prepped our one of our greatest postpartum assets (right next to our midwife and doula). I honestly can’t imagine having another kid without Holly’s magic postpartum food.

I mean, obviously it was life changing because she started mama meals, and now she gets testimonials from other women about easy postpartum pooping, which is cool and weird at the same time.

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