65 Tips For Constipation in Pregnancy (Your Top Answers!)

We crowdsourced our Instagram for tips on conspitation in pregnancy, and here were your answers!  We have not personally vetted all of these as pregnancy safe, so do your down research and/or talk to your medical your provider.  These are not medical advice!

  1. Acupuncture
  2. Chiropractor
  3. Probiotics (use code MAMAMEALS for a discount!)
  4. Trace Minerals
  5. Prunes - juice, stewed, dried or blended in smoothies
  6. Hip Swivels on a yoga ball
  7. Dry brushing
  8. Milk Thistle
  9. Vitamin C to tolerance (use code MAMAMEALS for 10% off!)
  10. Spicy Foods
  11. Squatty Potty
  12. Calm Magnesium Citrate (mega dose if needed!)
  13. Kiwi
  14. Limit Dairy
  15. Raw Milk (love that the one above says no dairy another suggestion suggests raw milk!) haha
  16. Ghee in warm water (use code MAMAMEALS15 for 15% off!)
  17. HCL/Digestive Enzymes (use code MAMAMEALS for 20% off!)
  18. Chia seeds
  19. Coconut oil or MCT oil
  20. Coffee or warm tea
  21. Acacia senegal fiber powder
  22. Relaxation
  23. Liquid Chlorophyll
  24. Fresh celery juice
  25. DigestZen
  26. Protein/Fat/Fiber with every meal/snack
  27. Pelvic Floor therapy/relaxation
  28. Psyllium husk
  29. Lemon in water first thing in the morning
  30. Plenty of healthy fats
  31. P fruits - peaches, plums, pears
  32. Dried fruits
  33. Triphala bolied in milk with a little ghee (use code MAMAMEALS15 for 15% off!)
  34. Raisins soaked overnight in water
  35. If you're dreading having a conversation, have it
  36. Fruit juices
  37. Beets
  38. Lemon/Ginger
  39. Nettle tea
  40. Fermented foods
  41. Milk kefir
  42. Dates
  43. Green smoothies/juice - especially spinach and pineapple
  44. Homeopathy
  45. Magnesium bath flakes
  46. Dandelion root
  47. Removing gluten
  48. Watermelon
  49. Traditional Medicinal Smooth Move Tea
  50. Shilajit (use code MAMAMEALS15 for 15% off!)
  51. Hold a deep squat in the shower with the warm water running over your back
  52. Carrot Salad - shredded carrots, raisins, coconut oil
  53. Slow mornings to allow for mind/body connection
  54. Sea moss
  55. Increase potassium (Use code MAMAMEALS for 15% off Redmond's Re-Lyte powder with potassium + other electrolytes!)
  56. Raw ceremonial cacao
  57. Chinese herbs (canonical herbs)
  58. Colostrum (use code MAMAMEALS for 10% off!)
  59. CCF tea (cumin, coriander, fennel) (use code MAMAMEALS15 for 15% off!)
  60. Ground flax seed
  61. Herbal sitz bath
  62. Greens supplement
  63. Reduce bread type foods
  64. Tart cherry juice
  65. Aloe vera juice

It will likely take a combo of several of these if you're feeling backed up, and will need to be part of a balanced lifestyle like nourishing foods, plenty of fluids and electrolytes, healthy fats and adequate movement like walking! 

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