The Importance of Sea Salt for Postpartum Recovery

Sea salt

Salt has gotten a bad rap over the years.

But it’s important.  So important in fact, during the War of 1812, when the government was almost bankrupt, salt brine was used as a substitute for money to pay soldiers.

Dr. David Brownstein, MD, wrote a book called “Salt Your Way to Health” which details the misconceptions about the “dangers” of salt.  From his book:

Nobody makes a distinction between unrefined and refined salt.  They ‘lump’ all salt together as a bad substance.  This is a terrible mistake.  There are two forms of salt available in the marketplace: refined and unrefined.  Refined salt has had its minerals removed and has been bleached to give it the white appearance that we are accustomed to seeing with salt.  It is the fine, white salt that is available at almost any restaurant or grocery store.  Refined salt has been bleached and exposed to many toxic chemicals in order to get it to its final product.  It has aluminum, ferrocyanide, and bleach in it.  I believe this refining process has made it a toxic, devitalized substance that needs to be avoided” (3)


The good news is that real salt is a superfood.  Celtic Sea salt, for example, has an astonishing 92 trace minerals, only about 70% of which is  sodium.  The remaining 30% are minerals essential to life. (2)

Unrefined or stone-ground sea salt is best.  It will help avoid fatigue and cramping.  Put a ¼ teaspoon of sea salt in 12oz water and drink upon rising.  Salt your food to taste the rest of the day.  Your taste buds will alert you when you’ve gone too far.  

Those who live in desert areas (southern California, Nevada, etc.) may need more.  If you feel fatigued, drink another glass of salt water. If you don't feel well, try putting a pinch under your tongue.

Most sea salts are great, with French Celtic being the highest in minerals.  Pink Himalayan salts are harvested from deep in the mountains of Pakistan and contain tons of minerals.  Hawaiian Black Lava is great, too.  Here’s a neat combo pack.

These salts are health foods; superfoods, really.  They help your body function, and according to many wellness experts, you should eat more of it and less of the refined stuff.

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