Easy Curry Bowls

If you know me, you know I LOVE curry.  I am incredibly vata (Ayurveda reference), and I just crave that warm, nourishing goodness.  I wanted to share my super easy curry bowl recipe because these variations make it SO easy to throw together whatever you have on hand.  I love how forgiving and versatile this is...you just really cannot mess it up.

CURRY:  My favorite curry is by Native Forest (Yellow Only).  It comes in a coconut milk BPA free, and no guar gum.  My other favorite is Mike's Organic Curry.  You'll need a can of full fat coconut milk to add to it.  Mike's has yellow, red, green and Penang.

PROTEIN: I am personally a fan of beef or chicken thighs.  Any protein will work, just make sure it's high quality.  Beef is extremely nutrient dense, and I would always choose that over non-meat options.  I most often use stew meat, ground beef or chicken thighs.

VEGGIES: Sky is the limit here!  I most often go with garlic, onion, carrots since I always have those on hand.  I also love parsnips in here.  Bell peppers are great if you tolerate nightshades.  You could also use broccoli, cauliflower or brussel sprouts.  I tend to get bloated from the brassica family so I don't use those very often

COMPLEX CARB:  Decide what carb you want to serve your meat and veggies over.  By the way, you do not HAVE to have a carb here... the curry sauce, meat and veggies alone is amazing on it's own.  If I include a carb I'll generally serve it over white rice or roasted potatoes/sweet potatoes.  Roaster butternut squash would be great here too!

Ok...now let's cook and assemble the bowl!

  1. Prepare/Start rice, or roasted potatoes/sweet potatoes if using
  2. Sautee veggies about 10 minutes in tallow, ghee or butter.  10 min is a loose guide...some veggies like the brassicas will take longer
  3. While veggies are cooking, chop your stew meat or chicken thighs into bite size pieces.  If you are using ground meat, brown the meat in another pan.
  4. Add the meat into the veggies and sautee until cooked. If you are using ground meat, add to the pan and skip to step 4.
  5. Once meat is cooked, add your curry.  If using Native Forest, add the whole can and heat until cooked.  If using Mike's curry paste, follow instructions on box.  I create space in the pan, add the paste, and then add a can of coconut milk
  6. Lastly, assemble your bowl!  Add in your carb, then top with meat, veggies and curry choice.  Salt to sate!


  • We recommend Redmond's Real Salt or Celtic Sea Salt
  • Thrive Market has a great price on Mike's curry and your other pantry staples in this recipe like salt, rice, etc. - Get 40% off on your first Thrive Market Order 
  • Native Forest coconut milk curry can be found at Sprouts, Whole Foods, etc.
  • When sourcing meat, always get a high quality.  Click here to see our meat buying guide and different places to source meat.
  • This freezes really well, so double up on your batch and save some for a rainy or postpartum day!

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